Monthly Archives: January 2012

Another year older, another year wiser… I like to think. So many wonderful things have happened over the past year. Reflecting back on what I have learned and what I have to learn, is part of the journey. I enjoy my birthday for those reasons only. Let’s face it… we all want to be better, learn more and experience more, but look it…. staying healthy and happy are keys, (along with Botox) ๐Ÿ™‚
Challenging myself with new ideas and experiences, get out of my comfort zone and keep my eyes and ears open. Happy birthday to you too!

I call this time of year… in between. In between, the holidays, In between the weather, In between, the hours of the day… the days are getting longer, but, in between feeling that. Do we make plans for the spring or summer Now? In between. JUMP or Sit, in between that feeling.

Looking out the window this morning I see the frost on the roof tops and I am reminded that we are still in winter. My dog, Kensie, needs to go out…. so I open the door to the back garden, she goes to her water bowl, and it’s frozen over. Oh yes, it’s still winter. Cold, clear and frosty…. fires, mittens and sunglasses…. it’s all good!

As a long time 49er football fan, it’s nice to see them rising to the top tonight.
I took a break from Paris and watched with some good friends a playoff game.
49ers 32…. N. O. Saints 29. Perhaps the best football game I have seen in awhile.
Next… the NFC championship game!

Last night I was invited to a soiree at Le Consul General De France residence in San Francisco to celebrate la fete des rois. A French tradition, where on the 1st Sunday of January, the christian celebration of the Epiphany. A galette is served and hidden in the cake is a small trinket or “feve” (bean). The one whom finds this in there piece of cake is crowned king or queen for the day. My thought is this…..
first the cake is served at dinner, so the crowning is too short.. a couple hours? I think that if one finds this “feve” in their cake… they should be king/queen the whole month! What’d ya think? ๐Ÿ™‚

With the holidays and family, all good, my language skills takes a back seat to my continued education for the French language. However, tomorrow I will jump back into my studies and stay focused on improving. So great for my brain, studying another language. Some people choose crossword puzzles, others chess… but me…. French! Keep learning! and JUMP!

I love numbers…. no matter what they mean, it’s always interesting to look at them.
So today, on this 2nd day of January, the sky is grey and the weather is cold in San Francisco….. however, my heart stays connected to what I love. Paris! (obviously my family too)
So on this cold dreary day, the fires burn and the soup simmers on the stove… at least in someones house. I take down the tree and put away the ornaments and decorations…. time to move forward.
Bonne et heureuses annรฉes

2012 is going to be a wonderful new year. Fresh starts, new goals, changing tides. We seem to always choose to do the same thing, travel the same way with the same people. Go to the same restaurants, eat the same foods, drink the same cocktail or repeat what has already been done. It’s 2012 and time to try something different . Commit to yourself to change it all up! Different experiences, different people….. get involved, write your own play it’s your life… now get started.