Happy Mardi Gras

I just returned from my first Mardi Gras in New Orleans…. what a spectacle! I had a blast!!!
The floats, beads, costumes (everyone wears them) and drinking were totally over the top. Not knowing what to expect, thinking along the wave of Vegas. But, actually nothing like it. Thank goodness. This event is steeped in tradition, from the order of the floats and whom will ride in them. Mostly men. The tradition goes as follows. Men climb aboard these ornately constructed floats, some 40 yards long. They are dressed in the theme of each float. i.e. an Alligator, and 50 men are dressed in little alligators. They throw necklaces, footballs, frisbees and glowing trinkets into the crowds as they meander through the streets outside the french quarter. All to end up in a certain location for a grand ball. The women come dressed in long gowns awaiting their man.
It’s wild, loud and awesome! My hat goes off to the city of New Orleans to pull this off every year. Not only is there 3 parades daily, but, for the whole week leading up to Fat Tuesday.
What a party!!!!

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